Extreme/Agile Java Programming w/Eclipse

This Final Project option garners full credit and is for anyone who has taken or is currently taking CISS 110 and does not have a computer and Ubuntu VM. While we use the Textpad or Dr. Java Integrated Development Environments (IDE or VDE for Visual Development Environment) for teaching as it is necessary to learn from the ground up, you will eventually move on to more robust and complex integrated IDEs.  My favorite is the open source Eclipse Project located here.


I recommend you read about Eclipse in detail and note that Eclipse continues to evolve so the FP resources may be dated but you should have no problem applying the FP resources to the updated Eclipse IDE(i.e. read the installation notes and the ability to adapt is a component of the FP).

Eclipse is available on HVCC ACE computers should you wish to do this FP without installation on your personal machine but Eclipse is a great resource and tool in your continuing studies.  I recommend you use one of these options to avoid configuration issues but if you wish to do this on your own machine please download the latest Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) and then Eclipse.  In the past I have also found bundled Java EE/Eclipse downloads.

Extreme & Agile Programming

First, we need a general understanding of extreme and agile programming and in contrast to the way the text presents this;

Agile programming is a methodology: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agile_programming

Extreme programming is a type of agile programming: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extreme_programming

Now with this introduction consider your mobile apps and how frequently they update and how this is managed… your about to find out.

Eclipse Final Project

Moving on into software engineering, here is a wonderful resource to get you up to speed with extreme Java programming (test first approach) using Eclipse. These are video tutorials complete with closed captions and companion PDF (I love when organizations do it right):


Companion PDF document also located  here:


Screenshot Submissions

Please take a screenshot of your Eclipse environment/project after completing each lesson (16 tutorials in all and you should plan on this taking 8 – 16 total hours).


Please document your Java EE/Eclipse installation if you did this on your own system and then your experiences and perspective on both Eclipse and Extreme/Agile programming.


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