Chrome OS

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Note this installation can be problematic but it can be done in a VM or on a USB flash drive or DVD


To begin

1.  Please goto the Chromium OS homepage and view the videos and look around noting the “How Tos and Troubleshooting” resources:

2. Please read Wikipedia’s Chromium OS entry:

Video Tutorials


You can build your own OS by going to the ‘Chromium OS Quick Start Guide’ on the main page or directly here:
Chromium VB images:

My steps were:

1 – Download VirtualBox VDI image (it downloads as zipped image)

2. Unzip and move unzipped Chrome VDI to a subfolder along with your other Virtual Box Guest OS VDIs.  (Note you can find this information in the VirtualBox Settings or online or in the VirtualBox manual).

3. Open VirtualBox and select New

4. Name your OS with your username appending “Chrome OS”.  For me this would be => JamesLooby Chrome OS and on the same screen choose OS => Linux and Version => Ubuntu and continue.

5.  Choose RAM size, 512 MB should work but I chose 1GB.

6. Choose “Use existing hard disk” and using the file browser (tiny little folder) choose the .vdi you downloaded and uncompressed and then “continue”.

7. Choose settings and make sure your network is on NAT

8. Choose your Chrome OS and click start

note:- if mouse isn’t working click cntrl+i the cntrl+i again or try disabling auto mouse integration.

A note and advice from a student that completed the project in fall 2013.

I would suggest that students use the torrent download method, OR the vanilla build for their respective programs. (VMWare, VirtualBox, etc.) One thing that I forgot to tell you was that I never actually attempted to install the torrent file. I just know that it downloaded quite a bit faster, and was much more reliable. The vanilla build was a fairly quick download as well, the only problem with it is that the install process is a little bit different than the normal installation process used with an ISO.


Screenshots: please provide screenshots that establish or demonstrate that you completed the Chrome OS implementation.

Discussion Board:  Due to the ease in which this can be implemented, please provide an extensive DB write-up/post that not only includes your installation experience but also your evaluation of Chrome OS and whether you feel it can be used effectively for personal use and also business use.

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