Final Projects Due Wed May 9 by 3 p.m.

All coursework including FP must be submitted by above date.

Final Projects (FPs) consist of:

  1. FP submission
  2. FP DB
  3. Ethics DB

Submission of these items takes place in the BB Course Conclusion Lecture Module noting the CC LM also contains the required Linux OS Quiz.


Please note that you must complete all Linux Labs prior to beginning your Final Project. Final Projects require:

1. You will choose one (1) Final Project from the sub-menu.

2. You will submit screen shots of your FP in the BB Course Conclusion LM. 

3. You will also be required to present your experiences in the Final Project DB located in the Course Conclusion LM.  Your DB post must include a link to a short demo of your working final project using Jing (see LL3 for Jing tutorial if necessary )and a brief write-up (2-3 paragraphs) of  your experiences.

These experiences should include any difficulties and successes you had (i.e. how you solved the problems and what you found e.g. I received an error message and Google search led me to 3 possible solutions and the solution that worked was…..).  It is not necessary to document your every step as this is implicit in the instructions.

4. Note the Ethics DB located in the Course Conclusion LM is also a component of the Final Project.


NOTE – FPs are unsupported to the extent that I cannot do your research and provide you with a solution and then turn around and give you a grade for my research and solution. The LLs along with the required reading and research have given you all the tools and knowledge you need to complete the FPs.  If you have difficulties this will identify that you have not put the necessary time in reading and researching in support of your LLs and you will need to return to and reperform your Linux readings and research.


The possible Final Projects are as follows and again, you will only choose 1 Final Project option.

Advanced Scripting

This FP is performed on the HVCC AcadNX server similar to your LL 1-9 & 12 so a Virtual Machine implementation is not required.

This FP is straightforward but note it requires significant time (~10+ hours).


LAMP WordPress Implementation

Requires a desktop Virtual Machine (e.g. VMWare or VirtualBox) or it can be done in the Amazon EC2 Cloud.

Please perform the LAMP and WordPress installations documenting your experiences and recording screenshots as directed (note WordPress is located in LAMP submenu and this project requires a working Ubuntu Linux instance in either a VB or on a USB Drive).  If you are a Web Design student you should be doing this Final Project.

Note – This project can receive an extra credit point by implementing the LAMP WordPress instance in the free Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud however you must first implement it in your VM. To receive extra credit please be sure to email me with the link to your AWS instance.

Lastly – consistent with LL10 please take snapshots of your system when complete as a safeguard.


Kali Linux (formerly Backtrack Linux) – WiFi Security Penetration Testing

May be done in a desktop Virtual Machine (e.g. VMWare or VirtualBox) or optimally, it may be done on a USB drive. If done on a VM, consistent with LL10 please take snapshots of your system when complete as a safeguard. If done on a USB drive it is understood that you cannot use Jing at this time.

If you are a System and Network Administration student you should be doing this Final Project.


Agile/Extreme Programming with Eclipse/Java

This Final Project is straightforward and may be done using the platform of your choice – e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux.  This may be completed on HVCC ACE computers as Eclipse is installed on HVCC computers.  Note this should only be attempted by students currently in CISS 110 or those who have completed CISS 110 or its equivalent (e.g. Programming and Logic I w/Java).

If your focus is Programming, this Final Project is an excellent choice.


Emergent Topics

Lastly, we live in an emergent and transitory environment complete with community “Maker Spaces” so I am open to other proposals.  As an example, students have requested and completed Asterisk VOIP Ubuntu implementations, Raspberry Pi, iOS/Android Phone/Xbox implementations/jailbreaks and many other things.



Here is a video of Jonathan Seay’s Raspberry Pi implementation posted with his permission.

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