Linux Labs

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In this sub-menu system, you will find all of the CISS 100 Ubuntu Linux Labs.  The Linux Labs must be done in sequence as later labs depend on the previous labs in both knowledge and content. We will begin working in the HVCC AcadNX environment (Ubuntu Server) and then move on to a desktop virtual environment.

Invariably the first question I get is why do we have to learn about the Terminal/Command Line/Shell?  Well, there are many needs and answers but let’s imagine you are at a party with friends and the server goes down.  Your boss or CEO wants it back up immediately.  Your options are (1) leave the party and go restart the server or (2) access it through the Internet/network and restart it via the Command Line remotely without leaving the party and your friends.   Note that it is a server without a GUI as many are so you had to enter the Command Line arguments at either site.  Now consider every movie about or involving hackers, what are they working with and how are you going to combat this if they have more knowledge and skills?  There are many more reasons but I think I have driven the point home – :).

Lastly, please note some components of these labs were originally developed by Prof Stonebank at the University at Surrey in the UK for the Unix OS and I modified and extended them with permission under the Open Commons License.  I ask that you honor the Open Commons License for both Prof Stonebank’s and my material should you decide to use and/or reproduce this material.  For completeness, Prof Stonebank’s original Unix tutorials are located here:

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