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We will primarily be using online resources for this component however the primary Ubuntu Textbooks may be downloaded below and include the official “Getting Started with Ubuntu Linux” and the more generic (i.e. applies to all Linux distributions) Gnu Linux Guide.  These GNU GPL text’s sources on the Web are here: http://ubuntu-manual.org/downloads and here: http://ubuntugeek.tradepub.com/free/w_freb01/ respectively.

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Supplemental Ubuntu Textbooks in the HVCC Safari Books Online

A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux® by Mark Sobell

A Practical Guide to Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming, by Mark Sobell 

The Official Ubuntu Book by Benjamin Mako Hill; Matthew Helmke; Corey Burger

Ubuntu® Linux® Bible by William von Hagen

To find these Ubuntu Linux texts:

1. Please goto the HVCC Library Website (Library link at top of main www.hvcc.edu page)

2. Follow the “Use Research Databases” link (recall you can use ctrl-f in Windows or command-f in Mac to search for a word on a Web page)

3. Follow the “Safari Tech Books Online” link.

4. Authenticate with your HVCC login

5. Use view all titles to find “A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux®, Third Edition or A Practical Guide to Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming” or… as this will also show you all the other free Linux texts for your use (Search will of course get you there quicker however it is important that you see the other Safari resources).  You will also find WordPress texts for the final project.

*** Should you encounter any problems accessing this Ubuntu text in Safari Books Online please see here – https://www.hvcc.edu/lrc/databases/offcampus-help.pdf

Additional Ubuntu Resources

Here is a nice list of Linux terms with very short explanations and I recommend you bookmark it (note Wikipedia has more complete explanations):


 Here is a real quick review of Linux’s evolutionary development and use:


This may be the mother load of Linux history and tutorials (it is essentially a complete text) and is an essential resource for the final projects:


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