Virtual Customer Experience (VCE)

 Here is a nice overarching intro into Web CE.

User Experience

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Continuing on: We are also concomitantly witnessing the maturation of participatory, full duplex, Web 2.0 functionality characterized by user forums, blogs and Wikis as consumers increasingly spend time sharing and monitoring their experiences further increasing the complexity of  strategic brand management. It has been shown that consumer‘s perception of brands are influenced by their perception of the brand’s website (Ilfield & Winer, 2002; Muller & Chandon, 2003) and delivering a consistent brand experience can convey trust and build brand equity which is a critical component in online transactions (Murphy & Scharl, 2007; Rubinstein & Griffiths, 2001).  With this basis, an individual can not only compute their personal consumer cost, convenience, communication and solution (Kotler & Keller, 2007), but they may also become a brand producer or consumer, promoter or detractor, collaborator or influencer across a global society.

This last statement in the preceding paragraph has even greater ramifications citing the introduction of Facebook’s Social Graph Search

Intro to User-Experience (UX) design




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