Ok, so we know that security has a very important policy basis as we can choose to not connect our computing devices to a network or increasingly important… really really think about what we’re posting to social networks because social engineering is the hackers 1st avenue into our systems and life.  To  think about your, your colleagues and employees actions as distributing free popular artist audio CDs at lunch time has

Ok so beyond policy, what is our next measure of defense… knowledge.  You have repeatedly heard me state; we need to look under the hood and understand technology from its basis or from the ground up.  Now what is our present environment… converged communications whereas everything is traveling on the same medium, social computing where individuals divulge their entire personal lives, ubiquitous computing with location based services, personal cameras on phones, watches, glasses and even drones whose image outputs can be used in facial recognition.

First, to open peoples eyes, let’s see what knowledgeable experts can do and there is too much to even talk about.



Increasingly our active implanted medical devices and our cars have networking capabilities and hence are susceptible to being hacked.  In the last video we were introduced to “Hacking Discovery”.  In the next video we will see this “Discovery” phase and how hackers get a device or technology and ask “what can we make it do”.  Does your car have digital or HD audio?

Also, keep in mind we are observing the emergence and quick maturation of the IoT/IoE so all devices can be hacked or used for surveillance. Lastly, it is not just hacking on the device but the password eavesdropping by observation and eavesdropping of law enforcement clear channel communications should also alert us that people’s habits and actions with their devices user interface can be used against them.



Now – very frightening… Cracking Stuxnet and a 21st-century Cyberweapon (sorry about the YouTube ad).


Now LM15 & the Business Side of Hacking

Here is one that actually reveals Social Engineering

How do companies get hacked


Who are Hackers (and IoT/IoE)





Penetration Testing

Here is an interesting Windows app very similar to Backtrack/Kali Linux: http://www.oxid.it/cain.html 

Hacking Toolkits

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Wire Shark Protocol Analyzer

Wireshark of course is standard in Backtrack/Kali Linux.  Among other things, Wireshark allows you to see all three layers of network traffic including clear text passwords if you know what you are looking for.

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