Networking Resources


Below are some vital networking resources that include some optional labs.  White papers and research are located at the bottom of the page.

TCP/IP Protocols List


Wire Shark Protocol Analyzer

This of course is standard in Backtrack Linux.  Among other thins, Wireshark allows you to see all three layers of network traffic including clear text passwords if you know what you are looking for.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Firesheep and Blacksheep:

Firesheep was introduced by a security advocate who was tired of Facebook’s low (non-encrypted) interface.  Interestingly, Facebook took along time following the introduction of Firesheep to beef up their security as if they didn’t even care about their users.


FTP  or File Transfer Protocol runs over the Internet just as HTTP (Web) and SMTP (Mail) use the Internet.  You may use a FTP client to access a FTP server however you may also use your browser.   I use FileZilla for my FTP needs and I recommend you explore FTP further especially if you are pursuing Web Design as this is how you will post to the Web Server if it is not local.  Youtube FTP tutorial here:



Now some Networking Access Labs and HVCC access.  First, Prof Jojo’s instructions for SSH and FTP.  These are the starting points and you will use these to access HVCC resources and manage your WordPress Web Development.

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