Internet of Things (IoT)


First we can’t just look at the IoT as an independent phenomena as we must be able to transfer, capture and analyze the emerging Dark Data where Dark Data refers to data that is not currently captured.  Of course once we capture this emergent Dark Data we have more Big Data which already strains our ability to store and analyze it. To this extent we also need standards and inter-operability so that connectivity is transparent and hopefully cheap.

As a foundation please see: How the IoT Works

Nice Graphic: The State of Internet of Things in 6 Visuals

Lastly, my word of caution – the IoT of course provides wonderful usability and enhancements to quality of life and society in general however the downside… we are and will be tracked.


IoT Components

(1) People/Agents

Now, recall my use of the work “Agents” in OS as I referred to agents as both users and applications.  Now recall the Google Glasses presentation where the presenter walked up to the Subway that had a sensor and his Glasses communicated with the Subway sensor that informed him the Subway was not running.  In this case the Google Glasses had a User Agent (i.e. software) that initiated communication and informed the presenter the subway was out of order and presented him with an alternative route.

(2) Processes that includes analytics and machine learning and much of enabled by cloud computing

(3) Data that includes big data and dark data revealed from IoT technologies – note big data without analytics is not very useful

(4) Things or embedded computing in devices and sensors.

This requires placing networked sensors into objects.  Of course this has been facilitated by the move from IPv4 to IPv6.  Now also recall the evolution of sensing with respect to the Disney Touche technology that can add capacitive touch to any object with just a single wire.

As you watch these videos please keep in mind the “Business-IT-Society” triangle, standards and security and privacy. 


Framing Intro Videos

Here is a nice intro with some of the possible consequences from Dr. John Barrett. Please recall my day 1 intro where I stated I believed the “Information Revolution” would dwarf the impact of the Industrial Revolution which changed history and to me I am particularly concerned about security and privacy – (Note you may have to search YouTube for this one as it is there but will not render on this page).


As introduced – what if every object in the environment had a history of interaction?  Your every step could be traced and with the integration of cameras/drones etc. your viewing perspective and even your facial expression/body language could be recorded. Result => Panopticon



Great presentation that introduces several applications including a basketball and the city of Barcelona Spain.  Projections for the IoT indicate it will have an annual impact that approaches the combined US & China economies.


The Industrial Internet presented by Marco Annunziata


Designing for IoT (search YouTube for this one too)

Business side of IoT

IoT & Analytics & Retail Use Case Example



IoT Architecture & Protocols


Interface Design for Objects/IoT 


IoE Education


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