Virtual Reality

First, A Stellar Graphics Improvement because we need realism


Oculus Rift

Now the Dallas Cowboys are using the Oculus Rift


Microsoft Hololens and Mixed Reality


Virtual Reality Omnidirectional Treadmills



Now how about Google Carboard: 



Holographic Something... or something else (recall Business-IT-Society triangle) as we see the emergence of virtual music stars in some countries/cultures…


Ok, so the above is very cool but let’s explore its greater use and context.


Now virtual is becoming real and real is becoming virtual

I/O Conclusion

Now,  put it all together… Consider you’re in a room where the entire room is a touch surface (Disney Touche), and the room detects and tracks your every movement ala motion computing and lastly, you have unlimited graphics that immerse you in a realistic virtual environment complete with full motion control.

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