Bitmapped vs Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 

Ok, here the text shows its age with its exhaustive coverage of Raster/Bitmapped Graphics as SVG is the present and future for many reasons including its robust support in HTML5. Here are some nice presentations of the differences/advantages between the formats:


Vibrational Speakers

Turn objects into speakers by inducing vibration.  There are many videos on YouTube so I just chose this one however I have no particular preference. To skip the unboxing skip to 1:20 and to hear it skip to 3:00



Harvard’s Clear Speakers


MIT Research has developed display that can be applied to any glass surface.


3d Printer/Scanner/Fax


Building a house in 20 hours


NASA’s plans for 3-d printing in space for part fabrication… finally…  the “Star Trek Replicator” – 🙂

China’s proposed large… very large 3-d printer

Computer World’s evaluation of personal 3-d printers with embedded video.


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