LM12 Withdrawal Email – July 29 Deadline


You are receiving this email as a courtesy because you are missing a significant number of Linux Labs or you have just been doing the minimum with the Linux Labs by following my instructions without a proper understanding. As a result, you have reached a critical decision point about whether to continue with this course or withdraw (An F on a College transcript will carry on with you your entire professional career).

Per the course guidelines and syllabus, all LLs must be submitted prior to beginning the Final Project therefore if you do not complete all LLs, failure is certain.  Note the Final Project will require your efforts the remainder of the semester (~4 weeks) so you should be up to date with your labs through LL12 by the end of this week to leave sufficient time to complete the Final Project.

If you wish to continue, please check your BB MyGrades (lefthand column of 1st page in BB as identified in main BB course announcement) and get to work.

Per previous communications please note there is no support for overdue outstanding labs.  I will accept the overdue outstanding labs in contrast to the course and department’s policy but I must devote my attention to students that are current and working on the final project therefore the onus of completing outstanding LLs which includes all requisite reading and research is entirely on the student.  Again, if you just do the labs following my instructions without performing the supporting reading you will not be able to complete the Final Project.


Withdrawal Instructions

Should you wish to withdraw guidelines are located here: http://www.ciss100.com/advisement-transfer-resource/course-withdrawal/

Thank you,

Prof Looby

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