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Hi all,

1. Lecture Module 3 (LM3) opens tomorrow a.m. (and LM2 due tonight)

2. LM3 includes Linux Lab 3 (LL3) that begins our work with the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI) in earnest.  For all future Linux Labs (consistent with LL2), please read completely through the instructions and research supporting documentation.  This is important preparation and should you need help, I will quickly determine if you have performed the requisite reading as insufficient preparation often results in vague or not precise requests for assistance.  To this extent you must use precise detailed terminology.

Please expect to make a mistake or two and to resolve this, please reread the material from the start. If necessary please use online resources searching on the command you entered and/or thought you entered with the keywords linux command (ex: Google “Linux command ls” ).  I state this because students often find their mistakes and this is an important part of coming up to speed in IT/CIS.  Of course should you continue to have problems that you cannot resolve, please email me with the exact step (LL step number) you are having problems with and please send screen shots or use  Jing (introduced in LL2) so that I can really see what is going on.

Again, Linux Labs must be submitted in a single pdf file per the directions. LL submissions that have the screenshots split across multiple files will not be accepted (Grade center will reveal whether your assignment was accepted -> 1 = pass, 0 = not accepted). Should you see a 0, please resubmit in a single file or address my grading notes and resubmit (lack of grading notes means it was not accepted due to format/multiple files). As required, please label your LL screenshots with the exercise number as I will not give credit as I did in LL2 if your screenshots are not labeled correctly.  Lastly, note that LLs must be submitted in order as we continually build on to our system.

Note this policy not only reflects higher education but also the real world as if you do not follow the exact directions with job applications, contract bid submissions, etc. your application will not be accepted or reviewed.

Please note that we will not be accessing/using the VMWare Fusion until later in the course and several students are trying to login and use this for the early Linux Labs. These early Linux Labs are to be performed on the HVCC AcadNX server unless you had a pre-existing Linux configuration on your system and you contacted me and received permission to use your existing Linux system.

3. If you received a 0 for your DB1 please note DBs must be submitted on time as no one will read your DB even 1 week after it is due so please be sure to submit future DBs on time.

4. As previously introduced, note that the Lecture Capture recording is available at: www.ciss100.com => Lecture Topics => 03 Storage.  If you view this early in the week it is likely you will see last semester’s recording but I should have this week’s recording up by Wed afternoon.

5. To check your grades, you will find your “MyGrades” link in Blackboard’s Home Page in the left column and here is a tutorial describing the “MyGrades” functionality: https://docs.hvcc.edu/dl/?p=6898

Thanks all,

Prof Looby

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