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Hello all,

Great introduction DB posts for those that have posted (due by tonight) and it is nice to meet everyone. As I stated in class (and in my lecture capture videos), please do not hesitate to contact me for information not only within this course but as necessary throughout your academic careers.

Again, please note Lecture Modules (LM) run from Monday to Sunday so all items in Lecture Module 1 are due tonight.  Please make sure everything listed in Blackboard’s (BB’s) LM1 have been submitted. Also, note I will not provide this information reminder again/on a weekly basis.

Quizzes – please try to take your quizzes in a location with a stable Internet connection.  To see your individual quiz answers and results please see your “MyGrades” located in BB’s Home Page left panel.  This is a global view at all your grades. Also, I typically get many questions on quiz grades. Please recall my presentation where I acknowledge that no one has ever taught you how to discretely and precisely read computer science so everyone gets better over time.

Moving on,

This next week you are responsible for Blackboard Lecture Module 2.  This includes Chapter 2 of the Understanding Computers text and Linux Lab 2.

For Linux Lab 2, please read through the instructions completely (as well as LL1) and carefully follow the instructions to set up your AcadNX SSH connection.  Please expect to make a mistake or two and to resolve this, please reread the material from the start.  I state this because students often find their mistakes and this is an important part of coming up to speed in IT/CIS.  Should you continue to have problems that you cannot resolve please email me with the exact step you are having problems with a screenshot and again please follow the department’s email conventions. For your LL2 submission see the LL2 lab but please note you will submit a single .pdf file with both screenshots pasted into the file.

Also for LM2,  please read and time permitting watch the videos located in: www.ciss100.com => Lecture Topics => 02 Architecture & Hardware if you do not see them in class.  I also think I have better topic coverage of Numbering Systems than the textbook and this can be found in:  www.ciss100.com => Lecture Topics => 02 Architecture & Hardware => Numbering Systems.

A note on grading as I always start to get questions on the quiz scores at this juncture. The quiz questions were created by the textbook author and I acknowledge the overwhelming amount of terminology and concepts in this course. Second, as I repeatedly state, no one has ever taught you how to read Computer Science as every term… even familiar terms like reference, program, process, memory, storage, etc. have very precise and discrete meanings (there are more examples in the ciss100.com LM2 content). To this extent I ask you to review the grading as presented in the Syllabus and repeated here. The Linux Labs comprise 15% of the grade and are graded pass/fail. The Final Project (which requires all Linux Labs to be submitted) comprises 25% of the grade. If students apply themselves and stay current there is absolutely no reason why anyone should not have 40/50 on these two components so as a result your quiz score comprises the remaining 50% of the grade and really determines your grade (e.g. Quiz average of 31/50 with 50/50 on the Labs/Final Project results in a B).

Lastly, note that I am receiving emails that simply reply to my emails.  I will help with everything but again please note, in order to receive a reply you must begin a new email thread and format the email in accord with the department’s email etiquette/format standards (see last week’s ciss100.com LM1 sub-menu if you have forgotten).

Again, thanks all,

Prof Looby

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