Sprint Withdrawal Email – May 3


You are receiving this email as a courtesy because you are missing a significant number of Linux Labs or you have just been doing the minimum with the Linux Labs by following my instructions without a proper understanding.

Per the course guidelines and syllabus, all LLs must be submitted prior to beginning the Final Project therefore if you do not complete all LLs and the FP, failure is certain.

Per previous communications please note there is no support for overdue outstanding labs. As a result it is extremely unlikely you will complete the course with a passing grade (simply failing to complete the LLs will result in failure but note the Final Project which requires the LLs will take the rest of the semester and this notes that the Final Project should have been begun 2 weeks ago).

With this basis please note the Late Sprint Withdrawal Deadline is this week – May 3.

Withdrawal Instructions

Should you wish to withdraw guidelines are located here: http://www.ciss100.com/advisement-transfer-resource/course-withdrawal/

Thank you,

Prof Looby