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Hi all,

Lecture Module 8 (LM8) opens on Monday.

Early Monday morning I will complete and submit midterm grades based on quizzes 1-7 and Linux Labs 2-7.  This means that any grades not submitted by the Sunday 9 p.m. deadline tonight will be given a 0. Grades will be available from the Registrar next Monday and I apologize but I cannot respond to (150+) individual requests for grades.

When computing the midterm grades it is obvious that a missing quiz ( or more ) will negatively affect a midterm grade.  I will accept missing quizzes if you email me requesting access but please note I do not have time to recompute midterm grades for quizzes or labs submitted after 9 p.m. tonight.

Also, per the syllabus grading policy, 15% of the grade is the Linux Labs.  To this extent, I subtract a letter grade from the Midterm Grade for every missing Linux Lab although missing several LLs will result in an F since per the syllabus, the Final Projects cannot be submitted if there are any missing Linux Labs resulting in a certain failure.

Unlike outstanding quizzes, after 9 p.m. tonight  I will not accept outstanding previous Linux Labs although they must be completed to submit a Final Project (i.e. outstanding LLs must still be submitted to submit the Final Project). Outstanding LLs will be given a 0. Also please note that my focus must be on the students that have maintained their coursework and as previously stated, there is no support for overdue LLs.

Thanks all,

Prof Looby


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