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Lecture Module 7 (LM7) opens Monday.  LM7 includes chapter 7 (and its quiz) and Linux Lab 7 (LL7).  Note that I added significant content to LM7 as detailed on the ciss100.com LM7 Networking page as no CISS 100 textbook provides proper Networking coverage. This content is optional but if you are in or going into the System & Network Administration program you may as well learn this content now as it will pay dividends.

If you are several weeks behind in your Linux Labs you have a critical decision to make (i.e. try to catch up or withdraw) as it is impossible to pass this course without completing all Linux Labs.  Note, while I accept overdue LLs in contrast to the course and dept policies, there is a deduction for late labs.  Also, please note my focus must be on students that are up to date as I cannot continually teach past overdue content therefore overdue LLs are the student’s responsibility.

It is also the point in the semester where people who have been doing just the minimum with their Linux Labs begin to have big difficulties (i.e. people who were just following the directions without a proper understanding from the readings and their research). Recall I stated at the outset that students must continually reread and even redo their Linux Labs to gain a proper understanding or they will become increasingly lost (of course redoing the labs must be done with the understanding that the file system is now populated so you cannot simply recreate files and directories if they already exist).  To this extent, it is not just about catching up and submitting overdue labs if you are behind but is more about getting the proper basis and understanding to complete the final projects.

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Prof Looby

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