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Hi all,

Lecture Module 5 opens tomorrow and covers Chapter 5 and Linux Lab 5.

Please reread the Boot Sequence if necessary and I recommend you read www.ciss100.com LM5 content as it goes beyond the text and is critical knowledge. Note, there is an extra optional Lecture Recording beyond the required ciss100.com and textbook information that provides an intro to Win7 utilities and command line (DOS and you should look up DOS if you are unfamiliar).

This is the point in the semester where people who have been doing just the minimum with their Linux Labs begin to have big difficulties(i.e. no extra reading, review and research or rushing to catch up and people who were just following the directions without a proper understanding).  In my undergraduate education like the majority of CS students there were certain topics that I had to read 5, 7, even 10 times while continually applying the reading to labs.  To this extent, recall I stated at the outset that students must continually reread and even redo their Linux Labs to gain a proper understanding or they will become increasingly lost.  This is particularly the case with this lab as the last exercise will require that you not only understand the commands, pipes and redirection but you will need all skills developed to date to troubleshoot your errors. Implicit in this is the requirement to understand and distinguish between commands, options and arguments.

Also, I am still seeing LL assignments that are not using the clear command where directed.  I will begin turning these back if they do not contain the clear command where requested.

Thanks all,

Prof Looby

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