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Hi all,

Just a reminder LM 4 opens tomorrow.  The textbook content is relatively easy as everyone is familiar with the I/O we use every day on our devices, therefore, please see the videos of today’s emergent technologies in the ciss100.com LM4 sub-menus as these technologies are either already here or just around the corner.  As presented in class and in accord with the Association of Computing Machinery’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, it is our responsibility as IT professionals to remain abreast of emergent and evolving technology.  Also, to this extent, if you know of some emergent I/O technology or application of I/O technology please let me know so that I can update the content with anything you have seen lately.

With respect to the Linux Labs, you must clear the screen where directed.  Also, you must review past reading material and labs.  As an example, following this lab I will no longer state “Use the Linux cp command” or “Enter cp …..” to backup a file as I will just say “Create a backup” and it will be up to you to use the correct command.  Here and there I will also ask you to enter an incorrect command as it is important to see and understand error messages as these will teach you how to read error messages and correct the commands.

Again, please use the clear command where requested.

Lastly, some people are having difficulty accessing past quizzes and questions.  To check individual quiz and test answers please see

Thanks all,

Prof Looby

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