LM16 Email – Course Conclusion

Hi all,

Read FP DB posts

Extra Credit


This is the last week of this class and all work must be submitted prior to this Wednesday, May 11 @ 9 p.m.  This deadline is inviolable.  This means all Linux Labs must be submitted and accepted to get credit for the Final Project.  The Course Conclusion LM contains the Final Project components that include the Ethics & Professional Conduct DB, the Final Project Submission area, the Final Project DB and the Linux Quiz.

While there is no quiz on the Chapter 16 content, you are responsible for reading Chapter 16 as this will assist you with the Ethics DB (Ethics DB instructions located in ciss100.com => Discussion Boards while the actual DB postings are of course in BB).

Grades will be available from the Registrar after final exams.

Thank you again,

Prof Looby

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