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Subject: LM10 Opens Tomorrow, LL10, DB10 & Outstanding LLs/Quizzes

Hi all,

LM10 opens tomorrow and includes Chapter 10/Quiz 10 and LL10 and its associated DB10.

LL10 – Virtual Machine & Linux Guest OS Installation – This week we take another giant step forward by implementing our own Virtual Machines (VM) mirroring current industry practices as today’s data center servers are sliced and diced into many VMs. Please read the required reading and instructions thoroughly (several times) before installation as the usual cause of problems is insufficient preparation and not following directions.  I apologize but I’ll repeat this, please read the instructions completely in advance and follow the instructions as every semester I get emails from students that are having difficulty accessing the VMWare VMAP store and it is because they didn’t follow the instructions in detail.

Note, VMWare and Windows 8/10 may not play nicely together but this is not a problem as newer machines with Windows 8/10 have Hyper-V available and this is a robust option so… if you have a Win8/10 machine and find VMWare/Ubuntu installation to be problematic please try the Hyper-V option.  On Windows 10 you must enable Hyper-V per these instructions. Also, note the Win7 Virtual PC is robust for the majority of Win7 users but please try VMWare first. For you Mac users, VMWare Fusion is as good as it gets and is superior to all other options in my humble opinion.

Also, please recall that all LLs must be completed in order and all LLs must be completed prior to the FP (and this LL10). Not completing the LLs and the FP will almost surely result in a failure.  Note, I will still accept outstanding LLs with a significant deduction (despite the course and dept policy stating late submissions are not accepted) however my focus from this point on will be assisting students to implement their virtual machines so there is no support (i.e. help) for overdue LLs.

Lastly, I cannot accept overdue DBs as no one will go back and read them but I will still accept outstanding quizzes however you need to email me to receive permission to take the quiz.  Als0 note there will be a 5 point deduction for any outstanding quizzes not completed before the end of this week but a 5 point deduction is far better than a 0/50 added into an average.

Thanks all,

Prof Looby

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