LM1 Week 1 Email – LM1 Summer

Hi all,

Lecture Module 1 (LM1) is now open (please see CISS 100 Introduction email or even better, watch the Lecture Capture on www.ciss100.com as you read the email and look over the syllabus on www.ciss100.com).

Big note here: In the summer we need to double up LMs 3 times (2 LMs in a single week) since we need to fit a semester into 12 weeks so please don’t fall behind but I also understand that everyone needs a summer so I am flexible with assignment dates as long as you provide me with advance notice. With this please feel free to work ahead as time permits and this can easily be done with the Linux Labs (LLs) although please note AcadNX accounts are refreshed at midnight so you may need to wait an additional day to access your account should you try today.

Most importantly welcome and I look forward to assisting everyone,

Prof Looby

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