LM15 Email & Course Wrap Up

Hi all,

LM 15 – Computer Security & Privacy opens tomorrow.  Please recall LM 15 is packaged with LM 9 on ciss100.com as they share a common core. If you miss class or are in a DL section, please review the LM9 topics and ensure you watch and review the sub-menu items – (1) Privacy: Profiling, Big Data & Predictive Analytics & (2) Digital Forensics – RAM/File Slack, etc.

Just a reminder, all components of the course that includes the Course Conclusion Lecture module must be successfully completed by Wed, Dec 13 at 9 PM.  Again note the Course Conclusion LM includes the Final Project and FP DB, Linux Quiz and Ethics DB.  Needless to say that all LLs must be submitted and accepted as satisfactory. All quizzes must be completed by this timeframe as well. Note that this deadline cannot be waived as it would be unfair to provide individual students more time than the class as a whole.

Thank you,

Prof Looby

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