LM15 Email & Course Wrap Up

Hi all,

LM 15 – Computer Security & Privacy opens tomorrow.  Please recall LM 15 is packaged with LM 9 on ciss100.com as they share a common core. If you miss class or are in a DL section, please review the LM9 topics and ensure you watch and review the sub-menu items – (1) Privacy: Profiling, Big Data & Predictive Analytics & (2) Digital Forensics – RAM/File Slack.

Just a reminder, all components of the course that includes the Course Conclusion Lecture module must be completed by May 9 by 9 PM.  This includes the Final Project and FP DB, Linux Quiz and Ethics DB.  Needless to say that all LLs must be submitted/accepted and all quizzes must be completed by this timeframe as well.

Thank you,

Prof Looby

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