Incomplete Email


You are receiving this email because you have been assigned an Incomplete for CISS 100 due to outstanding course work per the course submission deadline.   The Incomplete is a courtesy and the onus of determining the outstanding coursework and completing and submitting this coursework is entirely on the student.

The missing coursework is either missing Linux Labs which are required to submit the Final Project or a missing Final Project component which drops your grade substantially.   Note I will also accept missing quizzes however I will assess a late penalty.  I will not accept late Discussion Boards except for the FP DB and Ethics DB as no one will read your posts but these too will receive a discounted grade.

To complete the course, Blackboard will reopen on the Monday (Tuesday in the summer) following the semester. You need to check your missing coursework (BB => My Grades as documented throughout the course and even on the front BB page) and submit your missing coursework prior to next semester. If you do not submit the missing coursework, Incomplete Grades automatically revert to an F.

Please email me when you have submitted all of your work as I do not actively check BB after the semester and I will need you to notify me when your work is complete.  In this email’s subject please include “CISS 100 Incomplete”, your name, student ID (H00xxxxxx), section number (section numbers can be found on Wired).  I will not respond to or prompt you for proper emails so again the onus is on the student to properly communicate when their course work is complete.

Thank you,

Prof Looby

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