FP Email

Hello all,

I am sending this notice out separately with the hope of catching everyone’s attention.

All coursework must be completed/submitted by Sunday Dec 11 @ 9 p.m. This includes all LLs, Quizzes and the Course Conclusion LM (FP, FP DB, Ethics DB and Linux Quiz).

I get many questions from students on specific debugging details when they are working on the Final Project. Note the LLs have provided comprehensive preparation for the FPs as the goal of the Linux Labs is to give students the resources and understanding to put it all together for the Final Project.  With this basis and as noted in the FPs, there is no support for the Final Projects as I cannot give students the answer and then give credit for my answer.

Note, students that have done the minimal work for the LLs (i.e. just following my directions without continually rereading the material) often have difficulty with the Final Project or even fail to complete it so my recommendation is for students to try to complete the FP well in advance of the deadline to ensure they have time to complete the FP.

Thank you,

Prof Looby