LM6 Email

Good morning all,

Just a reminder, Lecture Module 6 opens tomorrow morning.

LM6 covers chapter 6 of the textbook and Linux Lab 6.  It also contains my favorite Discussion Board (DB) on our personal systems software and management as we invariably learn from each other.  The DB6 instructions are found in the www.ciss100.com Discussion Boards menu but as usual, the actual DB6 posting takes place in Blackboard LM6.

Lastly, please note that I continue to receive emails that simply reply to these emails or requests for Linux Lab help without Jing or Screenshots.  I will help with everything but in order to receive a reply, you must begin a new email thread and format the email in accord with the department’s email etiquette/format standards (see ciss100.com LM1 sub-menu if you have forgotten). Note this is in accord with our discipline and even our learning as we must all learn how to handle and manage a Help Desk Call Center.  Please recall Jing instructions were located in LL3.

Thank you,

Prof Looby

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