CMPT 101 Introduction Email

Hello all,

Welcome to the Intersession CMPT 101.

Intersession runs from today Tue, Dec 26, 2017, through Tue, Jan 9, 2018, and all coursework must be completed and submitted by Jan 9 @ 5 p.m.

Each day, I will send out an email to keep everyone on track of where we are in the course and what is due but in a nutshell, students must complete 1 Lecture Module every day. Also, many students work ahead and this is entirely permissible.

As a start, you need to login to Blackboard (BB) which means you need your HVCC username and password from the Registrar or on your registration sheet.  You may access Blackboard (BB) from the Website and then choose “Current Students” from the top menu followed by My Hudson Valley Portal/Blackboard. If you are taking this in class, you will also need your text every day in class (and of course you will need the text at home).

The CMPT 101 Syllabus is located in the Blackboard (BB) Lecture Modules (LM). The Lecture Modules can be found in BB’s left panel and then after clicking the LMs choose => Day 1 Syllabus.

Each day you will need to complete all items in the assigned Lecture Modules (Lecture Modules in the menu on left).    Note I will also direct you to “MyGrades” to check the status of your assignments and “MyGrades” are found in the left panel of Blackboard’s Home Screen.

In a nutshell here are the requirements for each Lecture Module (LM).

1. Read each chapter (the first time) before class.

2. Perform the Hands-On Exercise in each chapter and submit the last section’s tutorial from each chapter in Blackboard (BB) (each chapter is broken up into 3 – 4 sections. Each section continues where the previous section left off so handing in the last section will satisfy the chapter).

3. Take the chapter test noting the tests are timed since, without a timer, students could just look up the answer. A word of caution, if you try to just read the chapter once and perform and submit the tutorial you will not succeed on the tests.  Reading the chapters twice is critical.  Also, if you have a question on one of the test questions please send me the entire question, your answer and rationale as the test questions are in random order and come from the publisher’s text bank so I need the complete question to research your issue.

Note I have put all the necessary student data files as well the publisher’s narrated PowerPoint files in the left hand BB menu.

Lastly, note the Computer Learning Center (CLC) located in the basement of the Marvin Library is highly available for assistance and tutoring.  If you are stumped this is a great resource as the CLC is staffed 7 days a week, 12 hours a day whereas I cannot check my email as frequently.  Again note that I am highly available but I cannot provide the 24-7 availability of automated sites like Also, note that I left 2 copies of the text with the Library’s Reference Desk.

Thank you again and welcome,

Professor Looby –



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