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Terminology is necessary in order to properly convey what one is trying to say or ask. If you talk about “that box-like thingy on the right side of my screen” you could be referring to many things. Contrast that with “the second horizontal tab located on the page’s top main menu titled Courses” – now you are precise and everyone knows exactly what you mean. You’ve told them what it is, where it is, and even where it leads to.  This is critically necessary as we increasingly constrain ourselves to working with and collaborating through Computer Mediated Communications (CMC).  You will see that we will apply this to email and their subject lines as they serve the basis of information design and therefore search functionality and search is King (or Queen).  Again please note the way I introduce acronyms (e.g. CMC) – never take for granted that your audience understands your acronyms and additionally, you need to research any acronym you encounter and are unfamiliar with (You should also understand the difference between i.e. and e.g. and use them correctly).


HVCC ITS Resources

From this point on you are IT professionals and others will seek your expertise and guidance.  Your friends will really appreciate your ability to manipulate resources and even recover lost files so please familiarize yourself with the HVCC Information Technology Services’ Resources.  To assist here is a video on where to find them.


Discount Software for Students & Faculty

HVCC Marvin Library

Marvin Library Tutorial – “How to Use the Library” is available on the opening page of Blackboard for every registered HVCC student.  

Faculty and staff can self-enroll by completing the following steps:

Log in to MyHudsonValley Blackboard;
Click on the “courses” tab in the upper part of the Bb frame.
On the left you will see three blue category headings;in the second one (“Course Search”) enter the word “library”. You will then get a page listing ONE course:

“How to Use the Library.”
Click on the “enroll” button to the right of the listing.

This tutorial contains helpful modules for doing library research, such as “How to Develop a Search Strategy,” “How to Use the Marvin Library Catalogue,” and “How to Search the Databases.” This last module includes tips on searching LexisNexis, which came out with a new interface over the summer.

HVCC Library CIS Resources

Electronic holdings specific to the CIS program:



Technology Definitions

Note many of these definitional sites are not valid for academic research citations (e.g. Wikipedia) but they can provide a quick resource and understanding.  It is critical that we comprehensively understand what we are talking about as a incorrect statement in a business meeting can often result in a lost contract.  Also having introduced e.g. make sure you know the difference between e.g. and i.e. since we must be precise with our written word and it is often our first impression in today’s outsourced virtual business world.

Also, communication will be a big part of your job and it is often the first impression you make. May I recommend you sign up for Miriam Webster’s word of the day – before you know it, you will have added many words to your vocabulary.


Emergent Technology Sites

Extreme Tech 
Future Guru


Technology Publications (the best resource when evaluating purchases)


White Paper Search Tool

The term white paper is an offshoot of the term white book, which is an official publication of a national government. A famous white paper example is the Winston Churchill White Paper of 1922, which addressed political conflict in Palestine. A white paper typically argues a specific position or solution to a problem. Although white papers take their roots in governmental policy, they have become a common tool used to introduce technology innovations and products. A typical search engine query on “white paper” will return millions of results, with many focused on technology-related issues.

White papers are powerful marketing tools used to help key decision-makers and influencers justify implementing solutions. Please understand they are marketing tools however the emergent nature of our discipline renders it difficult to have assessed and reviewed data and reports so white papers represent a valuable resource.

Information Week’s Tech Web

CIO Insight White Papers


Google Scholars

Searches for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical information


Distance Learning Tips

DL/Online Test Taking

I always recommend you take BB quizzes on campus or somewhere with a robust rock solid computing platform and connectivity.  Here are some other tips.

Wireless Internet Connections are NOT recommended.

Only have one Blackboard Session open at a time. Whenever you log in, Blackboard starts a session for you and tracks your time. After 3 hours your Blackboard session may close, but if you have logged in several times within 3 hours you may have multiple sessions open. When preparing to start a test make sure you haven’t recently logged into Blackboard so you will start a new session. To prevent this make sure you always logout of Blackboard when finished so you always start a new Blackboard session.

Only one (1) Internet browser window or tab should be open and you should Maximize your Internet browser screen before starting and during the test.

Minimize the number of applications running, use only what you need to complete your test.

Do not double click on the Begin button, or click the Begin button more than once when starting the test.

Wait for the test to completely load on the page before selecting/entering answers.

Be cautious using the backspace and delete keys. The test page could be refreshed and prevent you from re-accessing the test.

Do Not Use the Internet Browser “Back”, “Forward”, or “Refresh” buttons, using these buttons could cause you to lose connection to the test.

Make sure you review the test results page that appears after submitting your test in order to confirm that the test submission was successful.

Many variables can contribute to you encountering an online test taking issues, it’s just the nature of the online environment but these common tips have helped to prevent many students from running into online test taking probl

Open Source Texts

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    PDF Document

  • Information Systems.pdf

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