LM16 – Computer Ethics

Applied or Ethical Hacking

The Kali Linux Final Project is a great example of applied or white hat hacking and is recommended for System and Network Administrators.  Here is a nice perspective on the positive value of and need for applied hacking.


Firesheep and Blacksheep:

As another example of ethical hacking, Firesheep was introduced by a security advocate who was tired of Facebook’s low security (non-encrypted).  Of course there is a cost to Facebook as implementing SSL is expensive and we will soon speak about ethics and specifically stock-holder, stake-holder and social contract theory.  Personally I feel/felt that Facebook should minimally be in accord with stakeholder theory and protect their users.   While I am digressing, please recall SSL is a TCP/IP application layer protocol so the information is encrypted at the top of the TCP/IP stack.    In any event, Facebook took a long time following the introduction of Firesheep to beef up their security as if they didn’t even care about their users.



Ethics contexts 

Now, recall Target’s use of predictive analysis as presented in the Colbert Report and various privacy policies (Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc.). Ethics are highly contextual depending on the situation (e.g. developed and assessed from stockholder, stakeholder or social-contract perspective). Many companies and individuals will qualify their practices in terms of fiscal stability. To this extent please review stockholder, stakeholder and social-contract theory here as you will need to reference one of these to establish a conceptual basis for your Ethics Discussion Board posting:  http://www.ciss100.com/lecture-topics-modules/business-it-addendum/


Predictive Policing

Now here is an emerging use of analytics and as the TedTalk on Privacy illuminated, how far away are we from the Science Fiction of Minority Report?


There is no quiz for LM 16/Chapter 16 but there is a more lengthy Discussion Board that is a component of the Final Project so please do not skimp on your research, preparation and Ethics DB post.  The instructions are of course found in the Discussion Board sub-menu and your posts will of course be in Black Board.

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