Mobile Computing Architecture

Note – this page crosses several topic boundaries

(e.g. Architecture, Application Software and Web Design)

Mobile Computing Constraints

Mobile computing has several constraints that include power (battery life), processing power, bandwidth (recall interconnections are major limiting factor in computing) and input/output.  Processing power is being overcome by leveraging cloud computing, lack of bandwidth can be overcome with Rich Internet Applications that can operate offline and we will look at many emergent mobile I/O technologies  in LM 4 I/O (voice recognition, holographs, etc.).  Equally or probably even more important, we should be concerned with our planet (i.e. green computing).  We will also be looking at open source/open platforms (e.g. Linux, Android) throughout this course so its great to see development in accord with all these principles.

Emergent green mobile architecture

When this video first launched we discussed in class whether Apple or Microsoft would ever adopt this approach (and the consensus was never as it would result in less profit), but now as a nice conclusion, it has been picked up by Motorola/Google => Ara.




The latest Ara update that now shows an integrated store to purchase Phoneblok components.


Nice read here: PhoneBloks by Google


Now here’s the NexPaq to give your existing phone similar modular functionality


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