Journal Entries

This page serves as a guide for your Internship BlackBoard Journal entries.  You are not only required to post a Journal entry every week by Sunday at 9 p.m. but you are also required to read everyone’s Journal entries as this will give you a broad perspective of today’s work environment and the diversity between organizations.

Below are some items that are required in individual weeks however these items are just minimal requirements as you should communicate anything you deem relevant (work tasks, culture, etc.)

I also understand interviews and placements occur over time. As an example, you may not have an interview until week 2 or you may not begin work until week 4 due to background checks, immunizations, etc.  In this case please document that you are waiting for one of these elements on a weekly basis so that everyone is aware of your situation as we can even learn patience in this regard.


Week 1: Resume

Please post your Resume as an attachment so that you may review everyone’s resume for content and presentation.  Please review everyone’s resume and document what you like and don’t like about your and other resumes.  Please evaluate your resume with respect to resources tagged on this site (see tag field on right or use search), resources online (please include a link in your journal post) and other students and document what you like about the collective resumes.

At this juncture I would like to provide some guidance or something to think about – your resume is what you have done to get to this point.  Your cover letter and interview are about showing what you will do for the organization.  Organizations have needs and they search for employees to fill needs and do something for them.


Week 2: Placement & Interview

Please describe your placement process and interview.


Week 3: Job Description

Please provide a job description and how your skill sets (both your HVCC coursework and previous experience) apply to your job description


Week 4: Computer Use Policy

Please review and assess your organization’s computer use and security policies – note small organizations may have conveyed these items orally.


Week 5: Organizational Socialization

Organizational socialization is defined as a learning and adjustment process that enables an individual to assume an organizational role that fits both organizational and individual needs. It is a dynamic process that occurs when an individual assumes a new or changing role within an organization.

Please read:

Please document your Internship experiences to date with respect to your socialization.  Does your company employ a custodial socialization where you receive continual and discrete direction or are you allowed freedom to complete your tasks?


Week 6 – 12: Task Updates

Please provide an update on the work you are doing as well as anything else you deem relevant.


Week 13: Summary and Employment Research

This will be an extensive journal post documenting your overall experience. Please identify what you liked about your present position (i.e. culture, people, teams, tasks, technology, etc.) and how this will determine the positions you will seek for employment.


Week 14:  Job Search

Following the direction you outlined in Week 13, please conduct a job search and identify several possible positions and how you found and assessed them.


Week 15: Exit Interview

Please complete the exit interview.  Exit interview will be sent in previous weeks via email.