Intern Exit Inteview

Hello all,

You will need to fill out an Intership Exit Interview the last week of classes.  To assist you and give you time to think about your answers these are the Exit Interview Questions.

What resources did you use to find this internship? (Check all that apply)

  • Professor Looby
  • Career Services Office
  • Career Services E-mail Notification
  • General Internet Site
  • Family/Friend
  • Other (please explain) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please rate questions 1-5 using the following scale:

1= Strongly Disagree 2= Disagree 3=Neutral 4= Agree 5=Strongly Agree

This experience gave me a realistic preview of my field of interest __________.

As a result of this internship, I have a stronger understanding of concepts, theories, and skills in my course of study __________.

I was given adequate training by the Internship site __________.

I had regular meetings with my supervisor and received constructive, on-going feedback __________.

I was provided levels of responsibility consistent with my ability __________.

The work I performed was challenging and stimulating __________.

I feel that I am better prepared to pursue a career in my field of interest after this experience __________.

Overall how would you rate this internship?__________.

*Please explain your selection _____________________________

Would you recommend this internship to other colleagues or students? Yes/No

Please explain ___________________________________________________

What was your reason for completing an internship?  (Select all that apply)

  • Practical experience
  • Increased self-awareness/confidence
  • Professional contact/networking
  • Potential future employment with internship site
  • For college credit/fulfillment
  • Other (please explain) ___________________________

Please provide suggestions you may have for future student internship offerings.


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