Interview & Employment Advice



Absolutely no errors

Action oriented bullets listing your strengths

List specific skills (i.e. programming languages, networking, security, OS, environments, etc.)

No shortcuts (i.e. text abbreviations)


Ask if you can take notes or write things down to ensure you cover all parts of question (and to learn for the future).

Be prepared for canned questions (i.e. what matters most to you in a job,where would you like to be in 5 years, why is diversity important, etc. and you can Google these)

Be prepared for standard questions about their organization (so research their organization and read their computer use policy if available).  Also have a look a this:  10 Strange Job Interview Questions Big Tech Companies Ask

Maintain Eye Contact

Project Confidence

Be aware of meeting/engagement interaction and body language

Lastly, ask what they are seeking.

Follow up and thank them for the interview in writing immediately after your interview.  Ask them to contact you if they need more information.


Phone communication quality

On April 13, 2016 Mr. Paul Burke visited my classes and provided stellar advice and recommendations for job candidates and professional success.  I highly recommend you watch and listen to his guidance.