Internship Intro Email

Good morning all,

You should have been placed by today (or some of you found your own placements).  If you have not heard from your Internship site please let me know immediately as time is short and placement must take place before the end of Add/Drop so that a substitute course could be taken if necessary. Note NYS and local hospitals are still likely going through the approval process so please contact me Wed if you have not heard from these sites).

Your weekly task in addition to your Internship work (100 hours total for the semester) will be to document what tasks you did in your Journal on Blackboard.  The Journal entries are specified at: => CISS 260 Internship => Journal Entries but I include the link here for convenience:

Besides covering the journal entry topic please feel free to add anything you learned or challenges you faced and even corporate culture in any journal entry. Journal Entries are due every Sunday evening at 9 p.m.

If you do not post during the week it will be recorded that you did not work during the week regardless of the Internship hours you put in. This, of course, will critically jeopardize your grade.

Note the Journals are public and will be reviewed by all classmates to enhance everyone’s learning.

Thank you,

Prof Looby

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