Registration and Requirements

Course Description: The student will participate in a Computer Information Systems internship at an approved local organization to gain professional experience in applications programming, system and network administration, Web design and development or other technological areas during the last term of study.


CISS 260 Internship is only available to students in their last semester of study and strictly requires CISS 210 – Information Systems Analysis & Design as a prerequisite. Please complete the steps below:

1. Prior to or upon CISS 260 registration, prospective Internship students must prepare a resume in accord with the Center of Careers and Employment resume guidelines. The resume must be saved in .pdf format using the students full name as the file name and emailed to the CIS Dept Chair – Prof Looby.  The email subject line should include the terms CISS 260 Internship, your name and student ID (H00xxxxxx).

The email must also include an email signature with your name, email address, phone number and degree program (System & Network Admin, Web Design or Computer Information Systems) on separate lines.  This is to ensure you have a proper business signature when communicating with your Internship site. Of course your emails should be error free. Should the email and attachment not be in this form you receive a simply reply stating “Please Resubmit”.

2. When sending your resume via email, you should also identify:

a. Your preference for Internship placement (e.g. NYS offices, hospitals and health organizations, private industry).

b. The type of position (e.g. System & Network, Help Desk, Web Development, Programming, DBMS, etc.) you would prefer.

c. Your geographical location or desired geographical location.

This resume and email will be reviewed and may require resubmission following its assessment or if it does not comply with the submission procedure. This is very important – please recall CISS 100 where I stated that in industry, hiring, consulting agreements, RFPs and RFQs that do not adhere to the guidelines are dismissed without review.  You are now at that point and failing to strictly follow established procedures can result in lost jobs and opportunities.  Please take this very seriously as there are competitors around the world that do take this seriously.

Please note that internship placement occurs on a first-come, first-serve basis; therefore, students are encouraged to register and submit their resumes early. To further illustrate this consider that several high profile/demand internship sites that hire students directly from the Internship program require 2+ weeks to review resumes and receive approval. Note this Internship site review process has recently been stretched to 3 week or more. Students that don’t get me their resume 2+ weeks prior to the semester exclude themselves from placement at these sites.

3. Please create an account and register with SUNY’s InternShop located here:

Students may find their own Internship placement and the new SUNY InternShop may assist with this but note the Internship site must be approved by the Dept Chair prior to the start of the semester and note that it can take some time to communicate with the site. If you are interested in finding your own Internship site you must send the Dept Chair the site specifics as early as possible.  Note students must still submit their resume even if they have found their own Internship site.

Students who do not submit their resumes in a timely fashion or who are not placed in an internship will be required to take an alternative course as approved by the Department Chair.

Student identified Internship Placement

You may find or have found your own Internship site.  If this is the case I need the following information to contact your Internship Site Supervisor:

Internship Site & Address

Internship Supervisor name, phone, email and title

Job Description (can be brief)

Also please direct your supervisor to review and approve the following assessment they will have to perform:


CISS 260 Syllabus

Please see submenu for CISS 260 Syllabus


Internship Placement

Again note that Internship placement is performed on a first come – first served basis (FIFO) so I again recommend you submit your resume as early as possible.

Lastly, I will do my best to place students in their desired Internship but placement in the exact desired position cannot be guaranteed.

Student Expectations

Students will upload their Resume in PDF format to Blackboard the 1st week of classes.  This is in addition to sending the Dept Chair their resume prior to or upon registration.

Students will interview with the Internship site no later than the 1st week of classes. Should the student not be accepted by the Internship site they will have to drop CISS 260 Internship and take a CISS Elective to substitute for the Internship.

Students are expected to work 100 hours during the full length of the semester.

Each student will establish a work schedule with the site.  Students generally work 8 hours each week but other schedule arrangements can be made with the host site.  It is recommended that students work in increments no smaller than half days (4 hours).    

On the days the college is closed, attendance at the internship site is optional.  Students often use these days to make up missed hours.  Internship assignments end the last week of classes.

During the semester, the student will maintain a journal.  The journal will contain a weekly entry including the date, times worked and a brief description of the work completed/assigned.  The journal must be submitted to the instructor via Blackboard on a weekly basis.  If a journal is not submitted each week, the assumption will be that the student did not work that week.

During the semester, the HVCC instructor will contact the site supervisor to check on the student’s performance.  At the end of the semester, the site supervisor will complete an evaluation form for the student (see attached sample).

Students are expected to be prompt when reporting for work.  If a student cannot report when expected, they should notify both the site supervisor and the instructor via e-mail.  Please remember that absences should only be in case of an extreme emergency.  Missed hours must be made up.

Students are expected to dress in professional attire, conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and observe all protocols and regulations at their assigned site.  In the event of behavioral or performance problems, internship site supervisors are asked to contact the instructor immediately. The site also has the right to request the student be removed from the internship.  This could result in an automatic failure for the course.

Some sites rotate the student through several assignments while others assign the student to one or two assignments during the semester.  Either approach is acceptable.  Each site is free to plan the student’s activities within this broad framework:


PC application development

Web page development & Maintenance     

Systems Analysis

Help Desk

Hardware installation, troubleshooting, etc

Network installation, troubleshooting, etc

Internship Exit Interview

Please see submenu as you need to fill out the Internship Exit Interview the last week of your Internship


Thanks again,

Prof Looby

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