CISS 260 Internship Site Evaluation Criteria

Name of Intern: ______________________________________________

Internship Site: _______________________________________________

Name of Evaluator: ____________________________________________

Briefly describe the work performed by the intern/job description:

Rate the intern on each of the following items with respect to his/her performance during the internship as follows: (1) poor – fell far below expectations,    (2) did not meet expectations.   (3) met expectations,    (4) exceeded expectations,   (5) Stellar – far exceeded expectations.


Resume Preparation _________

Interview _________

Internship Performance:

Understanding of fundamental IS/IT knowledge _________

Ability to apply IS/IT concepts to assignments _________

Energy and enthusiasm for his/her work _________

Ability to work independently _________

Ability to express himself/herself verbally & in writing _________

Work habits – organization, neatness, punctuality, etc _________

Relationships with co-workers and supervisors _________

Any comments about the intern’s strengths and/or weaknesses?

Internship Questions:

Would you be interested in hosting an HVCC intern in the future? ________

Please help us improve our program with your comments on how HVCC might improve the CIS degree and Internship program are welcome.

Thank you again for your continuing guidance and support of the HVCC Computing and Information Sciences programs.

James G. Looby

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