CISS 260 Internship

Course Description: The student will participate in a Computer Information Systems internship at an approved local organization to gain professional experience in applications programming, system and network administration, Web design and development or other technological areas during the last term of study.

General Information & Expectations

Students are expected to work 100 hours during the semester.

Each student will establish a work schedule with the site.  Students generally work 8 hours each week but other schedule arrangements can be made with the host site.  It is recommended that students work in increments no smaller than half days (4 hours).    

On the days the college is closed, attendance at the internship site is optional.  Students often use these days to make up missed hours.  Internship assignments end the last week of classes.

During the semester, the student will maintain a journal.  The journal will contain a weekly entry including the date, times worked and a brief description of the work completed/assigned.  The journal must be submitted to the instructor via Blackboard on a weekly basis.  If a journal is not sent each week, the assumption will be that you did not work that week.

During the semester, the HVCC instructor will contact the site supervisor to check on the student’s performance.  At the end of the semester, the site supervisor will complete an evaluation form for the student (see attached sample).

Students are expected to be prompt when reporting for work.  If a student cannot report when expected, they should notify both the site supervisor and the instructor via e-mail.  Please remember that absences should only be in case of an extreme emergency.  Missed hours must be made up.

Students are expected to dress in professional attire, conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and observe all protocols and regulations at their assigned site.  In the event of behavioral or performance problems, internship site supervisors are asked to contact the instructor immediately. The site also has the right to request the student be removed from the internship.  This could result in an automatic failure for the course.

Some sites rotate the student through several assignments while others assign the student to one or two assignments during the semester.  Either approach is acceptable.  Each site is free to plan the student’s activities within this broad framework:


PC application development

Web page development & Maintenance     

Systems Analysis

Help Desk

Hardware installation, troubleshooting, etc

Network installation, troubleshooting, etc

Lastly, please note the Internship Supervisor and Intern Exit Interview evaluation forms within this Internship menu structure.

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