DB Term Paper Selection & Update

Hello all,

First, I have attached the Term Paper Specifications and included the Term Paper Submission dates below.  I also recommend you view the “How to use the Library” tutorial found off your main/home BB page.  (Again you can use ctrl-f or command-f to search for content on a Web page in Firefox).

I know it is early in the semester and it is difficult to choose a topic when we are just getting into the thrust of the course but it is necessary that everyone choose a topic and begin their literature review. As a first step please download and become familiar with the Term Paper Guidelines posted in the Assignment’s Folder. This is a critical resource as it guides you with respect to the submission and peer review process, important dates and APA submission guidelines. The literature review is the next step and is undertaken before every research project. Note that the HVCC Learning Assistance Center has online writing center assistance here:


The Term Paper must be approved thus if you have an idea please email me with the topic and post the topic here upon approval to register your topic. (Similar topics may be chosen by more than 1 person and again, you need Instructor approval prior to posting your topic in this DB). Note that it is not uncommon to choose a broad topic and narrow it down or take a different related path during your research and literature review. Lastly, remember Information Design and include your name and term paper topic in the email subject line

Note that you are also required to provide 1 supporting APA reference with your Term Paper Selection DB 4 posting.

If you are still searching for ideas I recommend you peruse the Resource Publications Folder.

Information Design – DB Thread Naming.

Please use only the term paper title or topic in the BB Title text box as BB horribly truncates the title and your name will already appear in the appropriate field.

Term Paper Submission Dates – Please do not perform Author Replies to Peer Review until the proper time frame.

Term Paper BB Submission: Friday, April 27 @ 8 p.m.

Peer review: Friday April 27 @ 8 p.m. – Sunday May 6 @ 8 p.m.

Author replies to Peer Review: Monday May 7 @ 8 a.m. – Wed May 9 @ 8 p.m.

Final read of Author Replies: Wed May 9  @ 8 p.m. – Monday May 14 @ 8 a.m.

Thank you,

Prof James Looby


Hello all,

In this discussion I would like everyone to provide a quick update (i.e. paragraph) on their paper including at least 1 APA citation in the post.   This could be your paper introduction or even your perspective.  This paragraph will not only ensure that you begin you literature review and thinking about your paper but it will also allow everyone to scan the environment  and remain abreast of developments relevant to our papers (It is quite likely that your classmates can assist with information finding and literature review).

Please remember Information Design and title your thread with your paper’s topic (the thread identifies your username) and provide the APA citation below your paragraph.  I highly recommend you review your previously corrected APA citation.  Also, I know BB is challenged when it comes to formatting thus I am not looking for proper indentation when posting an APA citation to the BB DB.

Please note that if your DB4 post and citation was not submitted prior to the deadline it was not graded as per the course specifications, late submissions/posts are not accepted since no one is actively monitoring or reading posts after a discussion closes.

Thank you,

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