DB – System Analysis & Design

So it starts to all come together.

We know about the inseparable nature of Business, IT and Organization.

We know that business must drive innovation, design, development and implementation thus Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)  funding based on business analytics are critically important.

We know that the world, e-commerce, government and society have radically changed due to the emergence of the Internet and WWW.

We have seen the convergence of technology (e.g. Cell phones and cameras, etc.) and business processes (e.g. UPS now offers consulting, etc.).

We understand how architecture affects infrastructure (e.g. requiring all organizational computers to be Dell or Lenovo facilitates a common build and therefore lessens support costs or even the lack of flash support in the iPhone or iPad).

We know we must remain cognizant of security and ethics.

And to close the loop, all these items continually and recurrently impact that Business-IT-Organization (or society) triangle.

To increase this complexity, change continues to accelerate.

For this discussion, please draw upon all material previously covered and if possible your personal experiences.  Please pay special attention to the MIS Addendums summarized in the LM supplement above.  In Resources 12 you will find a summary of the MIS Addendum to assist as well as a PDF that outlines some ROI items.  Please read the case studies and provide significant perspective on one of the articles with respect to Business-IT-Organization.

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