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Module 2 – Discussion Topic

Please review the Emergent Technologies & Flat World folder found in the Resources tab.  Following this, choose a topic form extreme tech, futureguru, Shift Happens or anything else in the folder and open a discussion thread by assessing the topic and/or providing your opinion.

Please keep in mind Moore’s Law, Metcalfe’s Law and Gilder’s law as well as the Network Economic Theory from module one throughout this course.

This discussion is particularly relevant as you are in a unique position to innovate yourselves. Consider the biologist who must earn their B.S. and M.S. in order to work alongside Ph.D.’s in a laboratory. After several years of gaining experience they may be given the opportunity to innovate and research on their own.  Now consider IT, mash-ups and converging technology. As an example, consider tinyurl.com. Someone probably saw their parents struggling with copying and pasting long URLs in message boards and e-mails so they created a website to redirect or forward traffic. This is incredibly simple technology as you are only required to set up a forward on the server and could easily be accomplished by any first-year CIS student. It is rare that all applications of an emergent technology are realized at its inception. You are the right place at the right time as you are in position to monitor emerging technology and society and apply technology to meet needs in new ways.

At this point you may note that the discussions may not be closely coordinated with the Lecture Modules.  This is done to emphasize the integrated nature of today’s technology driven business climate as well as to introduce everyone to additional topics to assist with Term Paper topic selection.  From a teacher’s perspective, this will also force everyone to return and review past topics (e.g. we discuss Networking and Hardware several weeks after covering them in class).

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