DB 10 – Ubuntu VM, Desktop & Software Center

To this point we  have been focusing on Command Line/Intro SysAdmin skills and have yet to stop and see what else Ubuntu can do. There are 2 components to this DB (you will need a separate paragraph for each component).

Part 1: VM Installation DB

1. First, please document your  VMWare/VirtualBox/Hyper-V/Virtual PC and Ubuntu Guest OS installation in the associated BB DB.  Please use correct terminology as introduced in the Ubuntu Linux Labs content to date (Ubuntu Linux, Virtual Machines, Host OS, Guest OS, etc.).   There is no need repeat your installation steps as everyone is essentially performing the same steps.  What we would like is to know is your general impression of the installation, any problems you had and how you solved them (e.g. Google search using the terms xxxx).

Part 2: Ubuntu Software Center DB

First, please reread  Chapters 2 & 3 – The Ubuntu Desktop from Getting Started with Ubuntu Linux  and the Ubuntu Desktop Guide

In Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, the Ubuntu Launcher (left vertical panel) or search in Dash, you will find the “Ubuntu Software Center”.  Please explore this by downloading and trying a few free Ubuntu apps.  Following this please post your experience with and impression of the Ubuntu Desktop and the Ubuntu Software Center’s apps and functionality in the associated Blackboard (BB) Discussion Board (i.e. the Lecture Module that directed you here).

For me, I am very impressed with Gimp, MP3Gain and Handbrake among others.  You may want to do a Google search to see what others like. As an example, a quick Google of “best free Linux apps” led to this –http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/best-free-software-linux.htm.   

Many people including me like the Apple OS but seeing this collaborative free functionality of Linux makes a lot of sense.  As an aside, note that Google’s Droid uses a Linux 2.6 Kernel and its voice recognition works so well because Droid incorporates this right in the Kernel (I really presented this last piece because you should understand what the Kernel is at this point and I am trying to get everyone researching terms they do not understand).

Thanks all,

Prof Looby


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