DB1 – Classmate Introductions

Good morning all,

Please introduce yourself to the class in the Blackboard (BB) Lecture Module 1 (LM1) Discussion Board (DB) in a new thread (this identifies you by name in the top level whereas subsequent posts in a thread do not reveal your name in the top level). Following this, please check back throughout the week to read everyone’s post.  This will allow everyone to optionally respond, say hello and follow-up as needed before the discussion closes in one week.  (Note, I will keep this forum open but for conversation however the graded portion will close in 1 week consistent with all the DBs.)  I recommend you subscribe to the DB forums to remain abreast of posts as this will allow you to receive emails when new posts are available.

Most importantly we would like to know – what is your CS/IT/IS background and what are your CS/IT/IS goals (e.g. transfer, work and what specific discipline)?  Beyond this you may discuss anything you wish to disclose.

Note this DB does not require an APA citation.

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