Transferring from HVCC to a 4-year College & Transfer Agreements

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Note – Transfer/Articulation Agreements located at bottom of page.

First and foremost, students must contact the 4-year institution to discuss transfer as the 4-year school drives in this relationship and they ultimately determine transfer credit equivalents regardless of any existing articulation agreement.  This is necessary as the 4-year institutions may change or even dissolve their programs for many valid reasons.  Having said this, during my tenure all collaborating schools have honored their articulation agreements and many institutions have gone beyond their agreement accepting transfer credit that was not discussed or agreed upon.  In a nutshell, HVCC CIS credit transfers extremely well and we are the only community college CIS program to garner junior level credit at UAlbany and RPI.  This speaks volumes!

Now you should also be aware of SUNY’s new mobility initiative that seeks to optimize transfer within the SUNY system however Computer Science/Information Technology is one of the most difficult areas to assess transfer and equivalency (I am part of the SUNY Provost’s panel working on CS/IT equivalency).  This leads us back to point one above and I reiterate my recommendation to explore transfer options and meet with the 4-year school in advance.

Note you may wish to read up on the differences between the A.S. and A.A.S. degree found in the “Transfer and Advisement” menu tab as most of the articulations are written for the CSS A.S. program.  This presents a dilemma for many students and rightfully so as the advanced content in our A.A.S. curriculum goes beyond many 4-year offerings.  We have many professional or continuing education students with 4-year CS/IT degrees in our program or just taking advanced courses because their largely theoretical 4-year curriculums did not provide them with enough skill sets to land a job or advance.  Two prime examples of this are our CSA – System and Networking and CWW – Web Design and WWW Programming curriculums.  In the first case our CSA program goes through the CCNP which is rare ( the only other NYS institutions to do this are RPI and SUNY Alfred) and also offer advanced topics that include VOIP, Wireless and Security all in a real production environment.  So the dilemma is, take this advanced, relevant and highly marketable curriculum at HVCC or transfer to a 4-year school with the CSS and miss this content. I cannot answer this question or solve this dilemma for you.  Another example is the CWW program that also goes far beyond many 4-year offerings with full description here:

Computing and Information Sciences Transfer Agreements

Again, it is recommended that students contact their prospective 4-year institution to to seek their guidance and determine equivalents in advance as the 4-year institution drives the articulation agreement and process.

Business Transfer Agreements


Excelsior College 90-30 program:


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