Registration and Transferring into HVCC

Students transferring into HVCC

First, for students that have previous College course work, we can accept up to 50% of a degree’s required credit using transfer credit. If you have a 4-year degree and sufficient Liberal Arts, Math and Science this can often leave you with only CIS classes to complete.  Note that if you have College transfer credit, you must apply and submit your official transcripts for the transfer College credit to be evaluated.  We cannot evaluate any transfer credit until official transcripts have been received as anything we say would be pure speculation.

BSA Program

Lastly, should you not meet the program’s entrance requirements, you may enroll in the Business BSA program.  Enrolling in this program allows you to register for and take CIS classes during which you will be evaluated for CIS admission.  If you earn a grade of B in the introductory CISS 100 – Introduction to Computing & Information Sciences and CISS 110 – Programming & Logic I and meet the mathematics entrance requirements (one of MATH 110, MATH 130 or BADM 220 – Statistics but preferably MATH 130 or BADM 220) you will be automatically admitted to your CIS program.

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