SUNY Gen Ed & Liberal Arts/Science Requirements

LAS & Gen Ed Introduction

Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) courses are required in all programs by New York State Department of Education (NYSED).  LAS courses apply to all higher education institutions in NYS whereas Gen Ed courses are SUNY specific.  In the HVCC catalog the catagories of study are denoted with a 3-letter code. These four categories of study are: Humanities (HUM), Mathematics (MAT), Science (SCI) and Social Science (SSC).  HVCC Catalog LAS Descriptions are located here:

General Education (Gen Ed) courses are required by the SUNY system and are denoted by 2 letter codes in the College Catalog.  While Gen Ed courses are closely aligned with standard Liberal Arts and Science (LAS) courses there are some differences.  The most important piece of information I can provide is if you are transferring to a 4-year SUNY school, you should attempt to complete 7 of the required 10 Gen Ed courses here at HVCC. Hudson Valley Gen Ed Description and Courses located here:

Advisement Recommendations for students transferring to 4-year programs.

My recommendation is to take ECON 100 – MicroEconomics, ECON 101 MacroEconomics and BADM 220 Statistics as they will transfer to every program at every school and they are the most relevant to CIS programs (Today’s economic environment is all about technology and analytics).  To illustrate the importance of Statistics consider that today’s Web is all about Web metrics (log analysis) and Search Engine Optimization.  Consider that networking professionals must assess Quality of Service (QoS) with respect to today’s VOIP, Web conferencing and multimedia streaming and it is not fiscally likely that a network can be deployed that can support unlimited bandwidth for every stakeholder so statistical methods must be employed.  Lastly, IT is the main facilitator of quality control and assurance (i.e. QC or QA) and these require a statistical basis.

I also recommend you take ENGL 104 in lieu of ENGL 102  or ENGL 106 if you intend to transfer to RIT or RPI or an IT program.

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