Wired Degree Evaluations


First please note the “Course Offering by Semester Map” is also presented in this Advisement menu system so that you can map out your studies semesters in advance.

To be advised and obtain an AVN (AVN is a pin that allows you to register for classes online) you must set up an appointment with the Business Advisement Center (BAC).  This can be done in person in Brahan (BRN) 205 or you may call 629-7148.  Prior to your advisement session you must print out a Wired degree evaluation (instructions below).

Note that WIReD goes far beyond providing students with the ability to see their degree progress and perform “What If” analysis applying all completed coursework to any/all of the College’s degree programs as it also allows you to access your personal information, to view a schedule of classes, to pay your bill, to view your grades or transcript, to register for classes, and to review your financial aid and account status. For help in using WIReD, visit the Enrollment Information Center in the lobby of the Guenther Enrollment Services Center; contact the center’s staff directly at 518-629-7700; or via e-mail at studenthelp@hvcc.edu.

Now getting back to advisement, during your advisement you will fill out a curriculum/degree details advisement sheet and I have placed these below for your convenience.

Online Advisement – if you must or prefer to communicate with us online you may do so using your hvcc.edu email account and you must provide us with your student ID, FERPA password and complete communications that includes proper email subject and body (detailed here: http://www.ciss100.com/home/proper-emails/) your program of study and complete course/section information that includes the subject, course number and CRN.

Wired Degree Evaluation Instruction

To Log-In to WIReD:

  • Go to http://www.hvcc.edu
  • Click on Students (top gray strip)
  • Click on WIReD
  • Click Log-in to Hudson Valley WIReD
  • Input your HVCC Username/ Password

To View your Enrollment Step Checklist:

  • Follow Log-In directions from above
  • Click Student Services & Financial Aid
  • Click on My Enrollment Step Checklist
  • Select term to check
  • Click Submit


  • Follow Wired Log-In directions (hvcc.edu => students => Wired)
  • Click Enrollment, Student Services & Financial Aid
  • Click Student Academic Records
  • Click Degree Evaluation
  • Click Generate New Evaluation
  • Choose a Term
  • Click the bubble  (Program)
  • Click Generate Request
  • Click on Detail Requirements
  • Submit and Print
  • Review it to use in choosing courses & to make sure courses scheduled meet HVCC degree requirements.

To Access the MASTER SCHEDULE for Course Reference Numbers (CRNs are necessary to register for particular sections of a course):

  • Go to http://www.hvcc.edu
  • Click on COURSES & DEGREES (green tab)
  • Click Course Schedules (bullets on left of page)
  • Select & Submit the TERM you would like to view (e.g. Fall 2012)
  • Click the SUBJECT of the course you are searching for (e.g. English)
  • Enter the 3 digit course number you are searching for (e.g. 095, 101, 220)
  • Scroll down & click on CLASS SEARCH to see classes offered.

To USE your AVN (Advisor Verification Number):

  • Follow Log-In directions from above
  • Click Student Services & Financial Aid tab
  • Click Registration
  • Click on Add/ Drop Classes
  • Select the Term you are searching for
  • Input your 6-digit AVN (Alternate PIN #) & click Submit
  • Click the Drop-Down Arrow by class to DROP
  • Choose “Web-Drop”
  • Input the CRNs of classes to add in boxes at bottom of screen
  • *REMINDER: courses with a lab need the corresponding lab CRN
  • Click “Register”

To print/ view your SCHEDULE:

  • Follow Log-In directions from above
  • Click Student Services & Financial Aid
  • Click Registration
  • Click Schedule by Day/ Time
  • Look for on-line sections at the bottom under Courses without assigned meeting times
  • Click Next Week at least 8 times to check for evening, off-campus, or sprint sections you may have enrolled in that start after day and on-line sections
  • Print


  • Follow Log-In directions from above
  • Click Student Services & Financial Aid
  • Click Student Academic Records
  • Click Academic Transcript
  • Transcript Level= “All Levels” &        Transcript Type= “Unofficial Transcript
  • Click Submit
  • Click on File, Print Preview, & Print


Here is a nice Wired resource with videos: https://www.hvcc.edu/enrollment/


Curriculum/Degree Advising Sheets

These sheets have 2 parts, the 1st part is the official degree requirements and the 2nd part has the recommended sequential sequence of courses (i.e. 1st semester, 2nd semester, 3rd semester and 4th semester).  In this recommended sequence many of the courses are filled in.  As an example, everyone should be taking BADM 220 Statistics as one of their Math/Science elective since as you will need it in your word and it transfers to and is a requirement of every 4-year CIS related program.  To illustrate this consider a CSA graduate designing a network as you will need a statistical basis to determine necessary QoS bandwidth to accommodate today’s converged communications and multimedia streaming.  Additionally consider a CWW graduate analyzing Web metrics or a Systems Analyst calculating ROI or a security expert calculating risk as all of these endeavors have a statistical basis.

Please note the following grids are a snapshot in time and the CIS curriculums necessarily evolve on an annual basis in accord with emergent and transitory technology concepts and applications and industry and transfer needs.   As a result the following grids may not reflect the curriculum students were originally enrolled in or the curriculums that have been approved for future semesters.

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