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First and foremost, this portion of the site is  intended to provide general self service information to students.    If you have general questions about the advisement process or the Computing and Information Science curriculums please follow the Advisement and Transfer  sub-menu options (i.e. the drop down menu items in the Advisement & Transfer tab above).  If you landed on this page directly from search engine results and are a little lost , I recommend you go to CISS 100 Home to read about the navigation and functionality of this site.

The HVCC Advisement Guide is located here:

If you have HVCC credits, you may perform a “What if Analysis” Degree Evaluation to see what courses you have taken are applicable to the dept’s programs.  Instructions are located here:

If you are transferring credits into the program and College, please note that we can only evaluate official transcripts and these must be submitted to the Registrar/Admissions.

Most importantly, welcome to Hudson Valley Community College and please let me know how I can assist you with reaching your goals.

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