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Welcome to CISS 100.  Each week on Sunday or Monday morning I will send out an email informing everyone where we are in the course to keep everyone on track. To begin it is necessary that everyone signs into Blackboard.  Blackboard is the College’s Learning Management System as this contains the course’s main instructions (Lecture Modules) and assessments (assignments and tests).  Please note that from now on I will probably refer to Blackboard simply as BB.

Logging into Blackboard (BB)

To login to Blackboard, open an Internet Browser (I recommend Chrome) and navigate to  Look up at the top of the browser and follow the students tab (note you can search any Web page in Mac by using Command-F and in Windows by using Control-F and then typing what you are looking for).  On this next page choose MyHudsonValleyPortal/Blackboard.  On the next screen you will be required to authenticate using your username and password.  Your username and password can be found on your Tuition Bill or you may get this from the Registrar in Guenther Hall.  Once inside Blackboard (BB) if you do not see your course immediately, choose the courses tab and this CISS 100 section will be in the list so choose your CISS 100 section.

In summary, this Web navigation browser sequence is: => Students => MyHudsonValleyPortal/Blackboard => Your specific CISS 100 section.

Blackboard CISS 100 Site

Ok, so you are now in the BB CISS 100 portal.  You will see a simple menu system on the left and I have tried to make this as straightforward as possible.  Choose the “Lecture Module” link or tab and you will be taken to the Lecture Modules.  Each Lecture Module corresponds to a week in the class and a chapter in the book along with other activities.  In a nutshell, each Lecture Module is self-contained and contains all the information (activities, assignments & tests) for a single week.  In essence this is your one-stop shopping.  Note that the BB Lecture Modules (or LMs) will direct you to site as it is far easier to maintain this site as BB is challenged with formatting,  dynamic content, etc.

Additional Login and BB Access Assistance

If you are experiencing login or BB problems you may contact the Distance Learning office by emailing or calling their hotline at: (518) 629-7070. You will also find considerable information on their Website located here:

Other computer related support questions can be answered by the Computer Learning Center and they may be reached at 629-7891 or

If you have not received your username and password please contact the Registrar: 

Registrar’s Office

Guenther Enrollment Services Center, room 136

(518) 629-4574

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