Many companies are interested in Software as a Service (SAAS) to avoid expensive up front licensing fees but what if the network cuts back bandwidth impeding your ability to do work. (Note that this is a type of cloud computing).  There are other issues with SAAS cloud computing to be discussed in the future but I put this out there as for every benefit of a new technology there is a drawback (in terms of the business-IT-society triangle).  As another example, many companies are using are using cloud based email (e.g. google or msn mail) since they are free and onsite email management is expensive but has anyone looked at the adds surrounding their gmail Web interface.  Also, if the FBI wants your email archives they are going to get it but if its onsite you know they have it (after they produce the warrant), with gmail you never know – :).

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Prof James G. Looby Chair Computing and Information Sciences Hudson Valley Community College
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